About Ezollution.

Ezollution was founded to address a growing problem that technology helped to create
How to succeed in a world of an ever-increasing volume and velocity of information.
Our purpose is to give people the time and freedom to focus on what matters by helping them to live more organized lives.

Ezollution provides Electronic Data Interchange ERP services
B2B solutions designed to Cargo Fraternity and enable companies to communicate business data electronically,
Ezollution has the right solution for filing Your Cargo Manifest and Provide you best Software Solutions.
We are leading CCS ( Cargo Connectivity Solution)

Electronic Data Interchange Solutions for Indian Customs "Ezollution"
Ezollution Services Pvt. Ltd for revolutionary change in traditional snail procedures in the manifest filing.
The Ezollution ERP system is focused on easy Operations and robust reformation of its client
In Air and Ocean/Sea freight operators for filing manifests electronically to Indian Customs.
Ezollution having PANINDIA physical presence in all major Airports.
It is also the certified Electronic Service Provider to Indian Customs through the Indian Customs Gateway (ICEGATE).

ISO 900:2008 Quality Product

Tire 4 United States based Data Centre

cargo tracking

Cloud Server based, Client server Technology

Multi user account login panel

Customized Reports

The Story of Ezollution.

Not so long ago, capturing ideas meant having to stop and jot it down on paper before you forgot it.
Clipping Notes? You had to bookmark it or take a Printout and share documents to your team / Shipping Line/Customs.
Trading office docs via email, never sure who had the latest copy. Then came Ezollution.
Ezollution creates services that have helped people better focus on what matters most.
Helped teams work better together, no matter where they are.
1000 Plus Customers including Airlines, Freight Forwarders around the world have discovered Ezollution

These Two Retired Board Members Of Customs Has Started Their Company In DUBAI In 2001, And Start Giving EDI Solution To Us And Middle East.

Mr. V.S. Krishnan

Mr. A.K. Kausha